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SAVING POWER - Dafi Heaters

Dafi heater replaces capacitive heaters or water flow heaters of a much larger size and power


Dafi water heating systems are inexpensive both to purchase and in everyday use. They achieve high performance / without using gas appliances, which can be dangerous for your health, produce noxious fumes and have a degrading effect on the environment.


Electric Dafi heaters are designed to provide hot water anywhere within the water system. Its small size allows for installation as close as possible to the sink, bathtub or shower, which ensures saving time, water and energy. Dafi heaters use only electric energy while heating the water.


We use only certified, sustainable plastic for the production of heaters and batteries. In contrast to metal, plastic does not corrode, thus prolonging its lifespan. Being isolators, they do not receive heat from the heated water, therefore, increase the efficiency of the heater Dafi. The lack of metal parts means, that lime scale does not affect the heaters’ efficiency.

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